A satisfied cutosmer is the best business strategy of all

About Us


  • CA Pankaj Ratandhayra, an active fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountnants of India, is working as Practicing Chartered Accountant under the name of P K Ratandhayra & Associates. 
  • He has rich experience of 5 years as Head of Corporate Finance in a Manufacturing Company with Exported Oriented Units (EOUs).
  • He has completed certificate course on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard – Ind. AS) organised by ICAI.

P K Ratandhayra & Associates facilitates a number of clients and has an extensive range of experience maintaining small enterprises to Corporate and Public entities. Our mission is to assist all small to large businesses with personal services that have become too large to audit by consulting firms. Our association focuses on providing clients with value added services and believes in assisting clients with the uppermost of ethical standards as well as meeting its corporate social responsibilities in an unsurpassed probable manner. We can assure you a stable, continuing relationship with uniformed procedures with our professional expertise.


Our Vision & Values

  • Our vision is “To earn global recognition in the field of Taxation, Accountancy and Business Planning”.
  • Our forte is “To minimise clients’ tax out flow within the ambit of law”.
  • We are to render specialised tailor made services to suit individual requirements based on analysis of client needs and professional requirements
  • We strive to provide value based services that satisfy clients and exceed their expectations.
  • Integrity, independence, honesty, transparency and accountability are integral part of our services.
  • We strive to reduce costs without compromising quality
  • We attempt to meet the uppermost values both professional and principled way within the regulations of the law and accountancy profession
  • We stay focused on our main activities: advisory, audit and tax services
  • We strive to always provide our best and remain trustworthy


Why Us

Tax Planning:
Acquiescent Tax Planning is in the centre of what we do. We can ensure minimum tax outflow within the ambit of law.


Independent and challenging approach based solution:
Expect us to be independent in thought and challenging; using our knowledge and experience; but nonetheless pragmatic, taking account of the Company’s particular circumstances.


Sustained Service Delivery:
We will service your needs continuously as your business demands and make available to you our best resources from within our practice.


Our Approach:
Our approach is designed to encourage contact throughout the year and a working relationship with our client. Our simple approach to client service is to demonstrate a spirit of respect for all people we deal with and in all we do. Put simply, business is about people and for people.


Our Team

Our staff is professional and trained to handle any type of problem-solving. They provide cost-effective strategies and solutions according to clients legal and regularity needs. Our motto is to create value for our clients.